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Power of #HumanCapital

Capture leads. Go viral. Convert customers.

Do you know that more than 90% of people will buy something based on their friend’s recommendations?  It’s common sense, right?  What’s not right is that you don’t get paid for this.


At Launch6 we want to disrupt eCommerce by introducing Human Capital as a form of payment for all premium upgrades. Now when one of your referrals signs up to use Launch6 for free, you receive 50% off all of our premium services. Now “who you know” does matter!


You share, you win. It’s as simple as that.

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Frequently Asked Q’s

Do you connect to all Email providers?

Right now we only connect through Mailchimp but the good news is we are adding a wide variety of mail services to integrate with.  The better news is you don’t need any mail account.  Everything is captured and stored on our Space Station Vault, which you can export by visiting the STATS section of the Launch6 Platform and save everything to your computer.

What makes Launch6 different?

We integrate scientifically proven mental triggers into our highly customizable pre-built templates.  Along with capturing the attention of your customer, we provide them with ways to share your idea and help spread the word.  All of our products integrate with one another so you can use these principles of persuasion to get the best results.

How does launch6 work?

In as fast as 2 minutes you can log into our platform, design an Opt-in form or choose from a variety of pre-built forms.  Once you have what you want, simply copy the Launch6 Code and paste in onto your website; that’s it!  You only have to do this one time, and all edits and updates can be done at any time from our platform. See our Installation page for easy how-to tips.

If I upgrade, can I ever go back to Free?

One thing you will never find on our site is fine print.  If you upgrade to a Plus or Pro plan, it is simple for you to downgrade to free at any time right on the Points & Pricing section found on the Launch6 platform.  The thing is, we know once you upgrade there will be no going back!

Can I earn unlimited Launch6 points?

We created the idea of #humancapital so that who you know does matter.  The more people you refer that signup and use Launch6, the more HC cash you earn towards all of our premium services.  Earn 1 point for each person who signs up for a Free account and 2 points for every Paid account. Refer a gazillion, earn a gazillion!

Is Launch6 really free?

You bet your Rocketship it is!  We have designed all of our products with the FREE component in mind.  We do this because we understand that you may be starting from the beginning and need as many free tools as possible to get your idea off the ground.  Once you begin to grow, our products grow with you.