Opt-In Email Capture Forms

Create simple to use opt-in email capture forms which are displayed when a visitor is about to leave your website or when a visitor scrolls through a web page. Get more subscribers, increase conversions, prevent cart abandonment, gain a sale, grow website traffic, or simply keep a visitor on your website longer with email Popup forms that are customized according to your needs. Every opt-in email capture form is pre-designed with Automatic Trigger Responses to help persuade your customer to take action. With a variety of pre-built templates, we make lead generation and email marketing setup a breeze.

Popup Opt-in Forms


Have a blog with additional information you want to give to potential subscribers?  How about giving a visitor a reason to return to your site?  Our Exit-Intent technology detects the exact moment when a visitors is about to leave, asking them to subscribe before they go. Launch6 gives you total control of background, colors, and fonts, so you can customize your Popup to look like it’s part of your website.


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Embedded Opt-in Form


With Launch6 Embed feature, you are in the piolet’s seat. Our in-line forms are a perfect way to convert your highly engaged visitors without disturbing their reading experience. From a marketing point of view, you may want to take a subscriber form and simply place it in a sidebar widget, under a blog post, or even on a Contact Page.


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Top Bar Email Capture


If you looking to show visitors new updates or want them to subscribe to new updates than Bar Sign-ups are for you.  Add simple non-disturbing bars that stick to the top or bottom of the screen as a user scrolls your pages.  This could be a call to action, like an event or coupon code, or can simply be another way for visitors to signup.  This floating bar will be highly noticeable and effective in boosting email signups.


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Opt-in Email Slider


Maybe you want your popup to slide in at the perfect time.  Sliders come in all shapes and sizes and are simply another animation feature that you have in your Launch6 Space Box. Use scroll boxes to blast-off your conversions without jarring their experience.  Think of this feature as the elegant side of popups.


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Viral Growth Tools

92% of consumers trust referrals and/or recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of advertising. Imagine you’re launching your product and can have a marketing referral tool that instantly and effortlessly makes your product go viral. Hundreds of people talk about it on social media, competing to get to the top of your waiting list in order to earn rewards, or to get your limited offer first. Welcome to Viral Referral Marketing.

VIP Entry


Referred customers have a 16% higher lifetime value than customers acquired via other means. We leverage these referral percentages by incorporating 3 proven mental triggers, Scarcity, Social Proof and Anticipation. Using science, we are able to create a viral experience that results in a 30+% conversion bump. Let them know where they stand and reward them for spreading the word.


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Share to Unlock


Increase conversions by encouraging your customers to share your message with a number of instant rewards that become unlocked, and turn your clients into brand ambassadors.  Leverage incentive rewards throughout your campaign give you an even further audience-building Viral Marketing boost. The more they share the more they get. It’s a Win-Win!


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Viral Referral Programs


Launch competitions that give your clients incentive to invite friends with Viral Share Leaderboard pages. Let people see where they stand in relation to the leaders and use the sharing tools to invite more friends. This way they can easily track how their rankings have improved.


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Viral Thank You Page


Looking for a customized thank you page that actually has a function? We make it simple to customize your thank you page to encourage new sign-ups to share with friends, referring your business. Provide incentives to be used for future sales, or instant upsells.


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Quiz & Survey Forms

Asking interesting questions with a quiz or survey can help your audience connect with you and your product by making the realize they have a problem that needs solving. Launch6 quizzes engage people right away, creating a positive reward system for their investment of time.

Survey Engagement


Build social campaigns around asking your customers to participate in a variety of quizzes.  When asking your client to participate, you are engaging them at a deeper level.  Use the quiz results as a way to build yourself as an authority figure and gain traction since quiz based interaction won’t force users to “enter in an email” to participate. In the end, you can leverage your authority by asking your customers for their contact information to receive detailed reports or more information.


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Rating Forms


Have you ever spoken to your raving fans?  These satisfied customers are known to be the best sales people and people prefer to say yes when they know and like someone.  Now you can let your customers sell your products and services with our 5-star rating tools that allow you to set up a rating system for posts, pages, and products. You can set many options for displaying the rating stars and integrate all results within all of our other tools.


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Testimonials Tools


By using our testimonial tools, you can now to capture testimonials from your raving fans.  Through the power of social proof, these testimonials make effective free advertising.  Gain testimonials to display on your website automatically and encourage positive online reviews to build trust in your brand.


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Embed Results


With our Embed Results tool, you can display all of your results on any page of your website or even integrate throughout all of our other tools.  What to get more sign-up conversions?  With an 80% lift in conversions when people see positive ratings and results, you can now give your customers the nudge they need to make a satisfying decision.


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Additional Features

Built-In Persuasion

In the world of marketing, it’s 80% psychology and 20% mechanics. All Launch6 products have these persuasion principles built in, and our pre-designed templates have subtle cues that will help drive your customers to take action.

Easy Customization

With easy to edit designs, pre-built templates, mobile ready integration and a bevy of ways for you to grab your client’s attention, our goal is to let you put these tools in place quickly and start getting your message out to the world.

Website Integration

Design your template, copy your code directly to your website and start capturing form submissions right away, it’s that simple. Once your code is in place, you can make design changes on the fly and they will automatically show up.

Stats & Analytics

Unsure which design works the best? With Launch6, you can track visits and conversions so you can eliminate what’s not working and invest in what is. Use customer statistics in your favor to determine trends over time, and know exactly when people sign up, and who they are.

Smart Site Technology

With a variety of interactive timers, buttons, animations and on-site retargeting, our goal is for you to target your customer the right way.  Whether they visit your site for the first time or are a return visitor, use our tools to give your customer exactly what they want, when they want it.

Email Integration

Easily connect to your email provider using WebHooks and simple to use mail integration. We will automatically subscribe people to a list of your choice, or we can store all of your subscribers on our database and you can export them at any time with just one click.