Our Mission

A lucky few have it; most of us don’t.  The naturally gifted few simply know how to capture an audience, sway the undecided, and convert the opposition.  Everyone else just ends up guessing.


Our mission has always been to add value to our clients by creating a suite of incredibly designed free products that produce results. We do this because we understand that you may be starting from the beginning and need as many free tools as possible to get your idea off the ground or send your current business to the next stratosphere.


Our product grows as you grow.

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6 Principles of Persuasion

No business can succeed without mastering the art of persuasion.  But there’s hard science in that skill and a large body of psychological research suggests there are six basic laws of influencing people. There are a large number of things that influence people, below is an example of the core 6.

People want to have their actions conform to their earlier actions or words.

The recipients of a gift feel indebted and wants to give a gift in return.

People are inclined to trust and are influenced by people they find likable.

People tend to always obey authority figures.

When an item is scarce, people will find that item more attractive.  This is because losses are experienced more intensely than gains.

People want to do what everyone else is doing.