When we first get approached by a potential client asking for help with their social media and how it can make a bigger impact, we  provide them break down of one of our strategies on how to get the optimal use out of your social media posts.

Below is one example used for a super successful client in the self help industry.  NOTE, we typically don’t work with “self help” clients because they make their money on selling a dream of helping, yet don’t have the actual experience in building a business.  This client ACTUALLY has the experience 🙂

Ok, let’s get started – keep in mind the topic in the below example is on one of her new Relationship Programs:

Blog Posting

social media, blog postsIn advance, we recommend creating 4 blog posts per month (1 per week).  They can be various topics pertaining to your events/courses.

All 4 posts can be unique, or can lead up to event/course.

For example, if you were having a Relationship seminar in June, the posts could be:

1.  How I got over my divorce – 5 steps….
2.  How people go from “blame” to feeling free – 8 things I did….
3.  Tools I develop to make love last – 7 tool tips for…
4.  How I keep the spark alive – 10 things I do everyday…

Each post should contain a Call-to-Action: ”sign-up to get these 5 steps” and “sign-up to get free audio of my up and coming relationship class” or “sign up for a webinar.”

Adding Value

*Offer a piece of social proof – example would be, a quote or a testimonial from someone who has taken your course and their life has changed in an amazingly, awesome way.

Post should be about 350 words or more.

Once you have this back to me I can start creating your social media posts in a strategic/structured way that will produce the most results, while keeping the audience engaged by adding value to their lives.

The scheduling of the social media posts will be the exact same every week (reflecting back on your blog topic for the week) yet the content and context will change from week to week.  All this will lead targeted customers to get to know you better, learn more about what you have to offer and why taking your course will improve their lives.

Social post examples:

Day 1 – Tip 1 on XYZ.  Want the other tips?  Click here.
Day 2 – Include a quote of the blog post with out one of the links
Day 3 – Testimonial from the blog post.
Day 4 –  Include an inspirational quote with a great image in the background, that is reflective of the post
Day 5 – Is some kind of promotion – a sales page, services page, your About US, or an upcoming event (webinar promotion)
Day 6 –  Behind the scenes photo  – this is something about you, your job, your customers, speaking at an event, or even something with friends and family.
Day 7 – Piece of industry news reflective on your post.  Maybe data around relationships.  This could also be a Fun Fact of the day.

Additional Social

Some examples of additionally daily posts are below (If the event and blog posts were around relationship):

INSTAGRAM: Romantic people and places with quotes
FACE BOOK: 5 Steps for lasting love (parts of blog post)
TWITTER:  Converse with people asking questions about relationships / romance
PINTEREST: Curated folder of favorite romantic vacation spots.  Fav romantic gifts (gift guide for men).

All of these posts will be pre-curated and scheduled (preferably 1 month in advance using Hootsuite).

**Additionally, 3-4 times a week or more depending, I will post fun and off the cuff photos that are teasers around what you are posting… but this is where I can showcase your silly, fun side.

***Also, I would like to feature twice a month a past student of yours: a student feature that we can use as a testimonial.  example a picture of them and maybe a few lines from them about how you have changed their life.

Additional Work

1. Create a list of 10 most popular blogs in your industry (using BuzzSumo.com).
2. List of 10 Podcasts ranked 75-100 (easier to approach).
3. Collect and create list of top 20 influencers you/we already have
4. Use FB live video to share 3 bullet points from your blog (sending people to lead magnet)
5. Upload FB video to Youtube channel.  In description place link to lead magnet.
6. Share Youtube video on LinkedIn and re-share Youtube video again on Facebook 3 days later
7. Read and interact with top blogger on twitter and comment on blog posts.
8. Do the same with top Podcasts
9. Email and contact personal influencers asking to share blog post link
10. Contact top bloggers and let them know that you would like to guest post on their site around the specific topic we have set for the month on our blog.
11. Reach out to podcasters – email asking to be a guest.

Lead Magnet / Trip Wire

Needs to be a free download – possibly 1-2 chapters of your book (digital) and/or recording from one of your class.  We need a Trip Wire product that we can sell for $19-$49.  Data shows that customers that purchase a tripwire or 20x’s more likely to purchase your bigger ticket item.

I have a lot of creative, off the cuff ideas we can do, but we need to get the structure part out of the way and then we can proceed in an organized, strategic way of using social media platforms optimally in order to produce the best results.

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