Should I blog… should I work the chat rooms… should I follow everyone on Twitter?

There are so many questions that go through ones head when they are forming and begin building your business.

I have heard some stories lately around that blogging is the best way to capture organic traffic for your website.

Neil Patel from Crazy Egg, Kissmetrics… (I’ve lost count on how many awesome copies this guy has) recently put out a fantastic post on Grow Your Search Traffic: 9 Types of Blog Posts Proven to Generate Organic Visitors.

Neil states, “It’s no longer a surprise that 21% of B2B content marketers struggle to produce engaging content. What’s more, 7% of these marketers are having difficulty creating a variety of content.
All content is not created equal. Some content will make your search traffic skyrocket and improve your personal brand significantly.”

The reality behind blogging (besides just starting already) is to produce great content.

In the weeks to come, we here at Aboveground will be providing a ton of data and statistics onto what makes people tick and why they do what they do.

  • Some future topics include:
  • What should your landing page headline say.
  • What is the Compromise & the Decoy effect.
  • How do you Anchor higher Sales pricing.
  • When you should be using exit-intent popups & how these clients they saw an increase of sign-ups by 600%.

I look forward to providing a slew of stats and data that will help you get more customers and help persuade them to take action.

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